Thursday, January 23, 2014's been awhile

I can remember as a young girl wanting very much to be like some of my book heroines and keep a daily journal of all the happenings and details of my life.  Usually I would start off these jags with great attentiveness and write in excruciating detail of whatever had at the time seemed to be desperately important to my girl self. 

Then, without any good explanation, my narratives would cease and there would be a two or three month time span with no word.  Sometimes longer, a year or more would pass before I would decide that chronicling my doings was again of some importance. 

I always liked looking back on what I had written.  Having a few more months (or years) of age and experience between present self and past was strangely comforting.  I liked those entries and their earnestness. 

That's why even though there are about 3 years between my last post and this one, I don't chastise myself.  I look back over them and smile.  I have some years and experience between me now and me then, and it's okay that I let the posting go for a time.  In those three years I have graduated two of my three children, busted my forties wide open, sent one away to college, had my 21st wedding anniversary and lots more events that kept me from wanting to reflect in words on my experiences.  I think sometimes it's that I don't want to really examine things to closely when I am in the midst of them.  My reading tends to trend along the lines of where I am in terms of life so my reviews are often a reflection of that.

That being said, it's funny because I am back on my favorite series by Diana Gabaldon Outlander. What do you think that means if I tend to read things that reflect things that are going on in my own real life?  I am not time traveling or living in 17th century Scotland...oh well!  I'm sure there is some deeper subtext I could apply if I squeezed my eyes shut really tight and thought really hard.  Nah...

I know, I know...but it's what I love to listen to when I have a project going.  They are so good and I keep coming back to them in my Audible stock pile.  I have some others that I am reading as well, so I will be reviewing them in time.  And whether or not anyone ever reads these posts, I like knowing I can come back to them and smile.