Book Review Policy

I love for new and established authors to request a book review from my blog.  I love all sorts of books and genres, and don't ever limit myself to just one specific type.  However, I do not review the following types of books:

  • Erotica
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Political views
I also reserve the right to politely decline reviewing a book if it just simply does not appeal to me.   I might also decline if I have too many books going at a particular time, but will probably try to work it in especially if it is one I am very interested in or an author whom I have reviewed for previously. 

If you are sending my a physical copy, I would appreciate if the author would kindly sign the inside cover.  There is no good reason except that I just like that idea and appreciate the personal touch.  Also, any materials you send such as physical copy, bookmarks, swag, etc, becomes my property and will not be returned.  Please note that just because a book is accepted does not mean I will definitely review the book.  I reserve the right to edit or even delete any of my reviews at any time on this blog.

I strive to be fair to the books I am reviewing.  I take into consideration whether or not the author is brand new or established.  I will be honest in my review and any criticisms I might have will presented as my humble opinion as a reader.  Butchering someones life work is not my goal, I enjoy the talents of diverse authors and love nothing better than to love someones work!